Film Fundraising party soon

It’s August 2013. We are editing Monotony’s Lover now. Should be between 45 and 60 mm TRT. Fundraising party soon, probably November. Will keep you posted. Film will hopefully be done for the Eleventh Annual Davis Film Festival, April 12-13, 2014.

Screenplay updates

Hard at work on my new A Place Called Sacramento script that is due April 2012. But my feature-length script is due in April now too! And I have to get through this semester at CSUS. Projects due in 2 weeks. Sushi keeps me going. I don’t eat the raw fish anymore though, just smoked salmon, smoked squid, unagi, softshell crab and cooked shrimp (ebi). Plus lots of seaweed salad and miso soup. Love it!

April 2012 script was finished and did not win PCS competition, but we went on to shoot it over a period of 5 months in late 2012. Now we are editing. The shoot was great fun. Looking forward to private and public screenings soon.

My Blog

This blog will be a regular commentary on art, activism, my radio show, general thoughts about film making, screenwriting, and a forum for my fiction and memoir excerpts.

New radio show starting September 5, 2013: “Through the Looking Glass” with co-host Dr. G. Join us on KDRT 95.7 FM.